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In Gaelic history, heritage, and lore, a Chief was a leader of a family group. The word clan is derived from the Gaelic word clanna which means "children." Originally, each clan was a large group of related people, theoretically an extended family, all of whom looked to the clan Chief as their head and their protector. As time went on, clans represented geographical areas and family membership was not strictly necessary for inclusion. People who lived on the chief’s territory or who pledged allegiance to him for protection could take the clan surname.

Clan Chieftains were the representatives of large branches of a Scottish clan. Originally a Chieftain was elected by the family assembly. In this tradition, the Prosser Scottish Fest honors those that contribute to Prosser's agriculture, community, youth, our fest, and the Pacific Northwest Scottish Heritage community with the title "Chieftain of the Day."

Prosser Scottish Fest's 2024 Chieftain of the Day is Gordon Taylor.
Gordon Taylor was born and raised in Ontario, Canada on a beef cow calf operation. After graduating from the University of Guelph he worked in research at UG in Crop and Soil science and then entomology at Washington State University Wenatchee. Moving to Massachusetts he began working fruit and juice processing in 1987 when hired by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. in what developed into the Process Research Group working on several innovative projects, most notable was the development of CRAISINS(TM) Sweetened Dried Cranberries.

Gordon moved to Prosser in 1997 to work with Milne Fruit Products, then owned by Ocean Spray. Upon leaving Ocean Spray in 2001 Gordon began a private consulting firm, R&D on Demand, Inc. Much of his work involved sectors of the food (largely fruit) and wine industries. In addition to working in both the juice and wine industry, Gordon began teaching for Washington State University Enology Certificate Program in winery equipment from 2008-2016.

In 2005 Gordon began running his own winery, Daven Lore, and is in the 19th year of production. Over the years Gordon has been involved in multiple events in Prosser as well as being a member of the Prosser Chamber of Commerce and Prosser Wine. This provides Gordon with a very active and fulfilling work and community life.

Gordon is a past President of the Prosser Chamber of Commerce, and current President of Prosser Wine. He assists with all aspects of many local events, including Scottish Fest. Gordon takes an active role in the planning stage then is on hand when it is time for the heavy lifting of set up and take down. He can always be counted on to do what it takes to make our events a success.
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Gordon Taylor

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No fest due to Covid-19 precautions.

No fest due to Covid-19 precautions.

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First year of fest - No Chieftain


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