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In Gaelic history, heritage, and lore, a Chief was a leader of a family group. The word clan is derived from the Gaelic word clanna which means "children." Originally, each clan was a large group of related people, theoretically an extended family, all of whom looked to the clan Chief as their head and their protector. As time went on, clans represented geographical areas and family membership was not strictly necessary for inclusion. People who lived on the chief’s territory or who pledged allegiance to him for protection could take the clan surname.

Clan Chieftains were the representatives of large branches of a Scottish clan. Originally a Chieftain was elected by the family assembly. In this tradition, the Prosser Scottish Fest honors those that contribute to Prosser's agriculture, community, youth, our fest, and the Pacific Northwest Scottish Heritage community with the title "Chieftain of the Day."

Our 2023 Chieftain of the Day is Cassandra Humphrys.
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Cassandra resides just down the road, to the East, in Richland, Washington. She works at Kadlec Hospital as a Certified Nurse Assistant, teaches soccer for the Soccer Skills Academy, and teaches at the Mid-Columbia School of Highland Dance. Her greatest joy is her three-year-old daughter, Cambria Humphrys. More importantly to the Prosser Scottish Fest is that Cassandra has been coordinating our Highland Dance competition since 2015.

Cassandra is enthusiastic for all things from Highland Scotland, but her greatest passion is Highland Dancing. She was introduced to the world of Highland Dance when she was 3 years old and started taking monthly classes in Connell, Washington with Highland Dance Teacher Marie Darling. After a few years of this, Cassandra continued her lessons with Highland Dance Teacher Teresa Ball-Robinson in the Tri-Cities, Washington.

Cassandra’s very first competition was in Missoula, Montana, when she was 4 years old. She started in Primary level and worked her way through all the dance levels up to Premier level and is still competing today. She is registered to compete in the Tacoma Highland Games later this month. Her current instructor is the Highland Dance Judge for today’s competition, Gail Bacon.

Cassandra aspired to one day be a United States Highland Dance Champion, a World Champion, and a Highland Dance Teacher. One of these goals was achieved in July 2017, when she passed the examination by the British Association of Teachers of Dance (B.A.T.D) to become a Highland Dance Teacher. She operates the Mid-Columbia School of Highland Dance in her studio in the Tri-Cities. She also taught for several years in a small studio in Athena, Oregon.

Cassandra’s love of Highland Dance has affected others around her. Her big brother followed in her footsteps to compete in Highland Dance, starting as a Beginner and achieving Premier level. Her father participated in one Highland Athletic games tossing the caber, throwing the hammer and competing in all six events. Her mother studied under a kilt maker and now sews kilts, knits highland dance hose, and all other costumes needed for Scottish Highland dancers. Cassandra’s passion for Highland culture influenced her parents to become co-directors of Ye Merrie Greenwood Scots, which resulted in a lot of people dressing up as Highlanders to perform at the annual Ye Merrie Greenwood Faires in Richland, Washington, for many years. It’s amazing the effect that one passionate girl can have on those around her!

Prosser Scottish Fest thanks Cassandra Humphrys for her many years of service to the fest and the Highland Dance community!

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